Rehearsal Program

All students are instructed to attend all the rehearsals. Students not participating in all the rehearsals will not be allowed to attend the convocation.

Rehearsal Day  :  June 24, 2018

Event Time
1st Rehearsal 0900 hrs
2nd Rehearsal 1100 hrs
Full Dress Rehearsal 1500 hrs


  • All students are instructed to maintain discipline and ensure matured and graceful conduct commensurate with event.
  • No cell phone, hand bags and digital devices to be brought inside the auditorium.
  • Gowns will be available from Broadband Lab, Dept of EE on June 24, 2018.
  • Students must Register Online before June 15, 2018
  • Students not clearing their dues will not be allowed to participate in the convocation.
  • Please bring along your invitation and National ID cards.


  • For Boys: Lounge suit (black/dark grey) with black shoes oxford pattern.
  • For Girls: White shalwar qameez with blazer with black shoes without heels.