General Information

NUST Photographer for Convocation Pictures

MCS has arranged professional photographer for convocation pictures. Please download the following Brochure for details:-
NUST Phtographer GR Khan

Convocation Attires (Caps, Gowns and Hoods)

All candidates attending the convocation ceremony must wear their caps, gowns and hoods before entering the convocation venue.

  • Stalls for issuance of convocation attires will be setup at different locations (labs) in Engineering Wing.
  • Convocation attire will be available one day prior to the event (full dress rehearsal day).


All UG and PG Graduating students should get clearance till 6th December 2021 (before first rehearsal). The original BE/MS degrees and educational documents will be issued to the qualified graduates on the convocation day after the ceremony, on producing duly completed clearance certificate / form.

Amount to be Paid (on 6th December 2021, before first rehearsal)

  1. To MCS Staff = Rs 11,400/- (Approx)
    • Graduation Fee = Rs 1,000/-
    • Degree Processing Fee = Rs. 3,000/-
    • Payamber Magazine Fee = Rs. 400/-
    • Resurgence Magazine Fee (Department of CSE - Each student) = Rs. 250/- (Approx)
    • Lighti Magazine Fee (Department of EE - Each student) = Rs. 250/- (Approx)
    • Rent of Academic Dress (Cap, Gown and Hood) = Rs. 500/-
    • Security of Cap = Rs. 3,000/- (Refundable)
    • Security of Gown = Rs 2,500/- (Refundable)
    • Security of Hood = Rs 500/- (Refundable)

  2. Note: All Postgraduate students must deposit Registration Fee amounting Rs. 4000/- (Rupees Four Thousand only) as a cross cheque in favour of following bank account:
    Account Title: Chief Instructor Engg Wing
    Account Number: 6517-5
    Bank Name: Muslim Commercial Bank Lalkurti Branch Rawalpindi
    * Scanned copy of deposit slip and cross cheque should be emailed at


Following medals are awarded to the best graduate of each course/ discipline:-

  1. President Gold Medal for Best Engg Graduate of each course/discipline.
  2. COAS Gold Medal for Best Engg Graduate amongst Military students, i.e. Offrs/GCs.
  3. Rectors Gold Medal to selected students for Best Project in each discipline.


To order a DVD copy of your ceremony for the 28th PG & UG Convocation, please contact CS Dept. DVDs will be available 4-6 weeks after the Convocation date. They may be requested at any time.


Graduation photos are optional and are the responsibility of the student. Students wishing to get individual photos or group photos must contact the photographer available at the ceremony. These can be collected after the convocation.

Important: At Military College of Signals, convocation is an exciting event showcasing our students' success. For that reason; photographers will be taking photos during the event which may be used by the University for promotional or archival purposes. The photos taken during the convocation may or may not include your recognizable image. By participating in convocation, you consent to being photographed and authorize the University to use the photographs in print, digital or web based format for its promotional and archival purposes.

Degree Diplomas

Degree diplomas will be officially conferred at the convocation ceremony following successful completion of the degree requirements, if required, or will be available for pick-up by the graduate subsequent to the ceremony.

Degree diplomas will not be awarded in advance of convocation ceremony. Students who require notice of confirmation that their program has been completed (in addition to an official transcript) may apply to the department with a request for a letter attesting to the fact that they have completed the requirements of their program.